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Initial thoughts on Fizz

Alright, so I got up a little early today before work and had enough time to do a bot game. I obviously don’t quite have a lot of insight on Fizz because it was only one game and a bot game at that, but I was able to get a pretty good feel for the champion and a decent idea of how strong he’ll be, so these are all first (and quite possibly inaccurate) impressions.

His Passive: His passive is actually kind of nice. It makes him very slippery and gives him pretty nice movement in lane. He isn’t hindered with getting stuck behind creeps or anything like that. Makes it nice for last hitting.

His Q: His Q is very bursty, with max CDR this can also dish out some respectable sustain DPS. I didn’t even build a Lich Bane on him and my damage output was scary.

His W: His W is pretty nasty. With a lot of AP, the DoT this move places on the target is more then your auto attack every second, even worse when you activate it. This is his only move that will be dishing out real sustained DPS. I could see people building Malady and Nashor’s Tooth because of this move (I still wouldn’t, but I’m sure some will).

His E: This move is tricky (no pun intended) to get the hang of, but definitely a very versatile skill. It’s an awesome gap closer, can be used to dodge moves (though, this will require fast reaction time… very fast reaction time) and does a pretty nice amount of damage. It can be used to help clear creep weaves and harass in lane. For example, one situation I can think of off the top of my head is if you were up against an Akali and she tagged you with her Q. When she tries to run in and proc the tag, you can jump up to dodge it and slam down to do some damage. I anticipate seeing some pretty nasty uses for this ability.

His R: First off, lemme just say this is probably one of the most badass Ultimates in the game. Fizz’s ultimate is a skill shot that tosses a fish in your chosen direction. If it hits a champion, it will slow them for a short amount of time. After a couple seconds a shark comes out and knocks the target up and deals a huge amount of damage, At first, I was worried about the difficulty of landing the skill shot, but it actually isn’t the bad. The area in which we are given to land the fish is pretty large AND if you miss a little and the enemy walks onto the fish, it still lands. This is pretty significant. AP ratio is insane. This ability does A LOT of damage and also effects any surrounding champions. This move will indefinitely be a game changer in team fights if successfully and efficiently utilized.

Item build: I started with a Doran’s ring. For now, I’m still debating if it is the ideal starting item. Boots and three pots will definitely be an option because of the sustain it proves and mobility.After the Doran’s ring, I rushed a hextech revolver for sutain. I personally don’t feel this was the best choice simply because to utilize its sustain you have tyo use abilities which will quickly exhaust Fizz’s mana. After I finished WotA, I rushed a death cap. After that, I found myself starved for mana so I decided to get a Morello’s evil tome and a DFG. I really like these items because of the CDR and mana regen. They are fairly weak, though, in terms of AP so I’m not really sure how they will pan out. The game was over before I could build anything else.

Like I said, I only played one game and it was a bot game, however, I’m feeling really good about this champion. I will be playing him all night tonight and will post about how I feel and what items I feel will be good picks on him before the night ends. I’ll also go into more detail on what runes will be good and masteries.


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Champion Spotlight for Fizz! Definitely getting him tomorrow.

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Check out the new skins!

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3 and 0 tonight

Always a good feeling not losing a single game in one night. First game I played I went Jungle GP and we completely wrecked them. Every gank I made resulted in a kill. I got their WW many times in the jungle and completely shut him down.

Second game, I went Nasus and soloed top. I was a little pissed that I got paired with Garen since he counters the shit out of me but we managed to control him pretty well with constant ganks. My early game farm was laughable so I spent most of mid game catching up and farming my Q. By late game we were pretty neck and neck. We managed to get Baron before being aced in his cave. Got Baron a second time and two of us made it out, with them getting it the third time. They made one final push when we aced them and they surrendered. It was a very intense game. A long one too, 60 minutes. I ended up getting 800 bonus damage on my Q.

Third game I went Akali (I usually end every night with a game with Akali) and I had to lane against Annie. If anyone knows anything about Akali they know that Annie is her worst nightmare, but I said fuck it and went mid anyway. Things were going fine at first, I was even zoning her out a little, farming decently. I couldn’t, however, keep up with Annie’s farm since she’s the easiest champion to last hit with in the first 10 minutes. Anyway, I’m a little over extended and out of no where Twitch was half way across mid with half health. He was walking across mid and his stealth went out before he could make it. I hopped on him immediately and damn near killed him but I got greedy and Annie picked up a kill. After that I was able to redeem myself by killing her with the help of our Maphite. This Annie end up scoring a double kill at bot and picking up an assist as well. At that point I wasn’t able to do anything against her, however, I was able to farm quite a bit and managed to afford a Gunblade and a Sheen, so my damage was pretty high. We pushed all three of their outer turrets after winning a nice team fight, damn near pushed their second mid tower, team fought at mid, won and they surrendered. Was an awesome game!

That was it for tonight. Dueces.


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Fizz Patch Notes

All in all, a really big patch. There are a lot of changes being made to a lot of champions. First and foremost, though:

THEY NERFED AKALI. Not too happy about this, in all honesty, but I won’t be a blind Akali fan and say they weren’t warranted. Akali’s early game harass with Q damage is utterly insane. Her spellvamp once she gets a Gunblade is entirely too high (even after the Gunblade nerfs). She was simply too good at punishing her lane during the laning phase. I personally don’t see this effecting her late game too much, so I’m okay with it. 

They nerfed Sona. It sucks because I don’t think she’s going to feel this one very much. Her harass should have been nerfed in my opinion, but it’s whatever.

I’m honestly really shocked they nerfed Nocturne so much. It will be much more difficult to gank with him now that his fear will be harder to land. Thankfully they didn’t nerf his damage.

They nerfed and buffed a handful of AD carries to try and even them out a bit. I’m personally hoping this makes Tristana, Corki and MF more viable in the current meta. Seeing Vayne, Kog’Maw, Cait and Graves in every single game gets somewhat stale after a while.

Really excited to see which summoner spells will be the best after this patch, too. As much as I (and anyone else for that matter) love flashing away from danger, it really is just a get out of jail free card. There is no strategy to it whatsoever. With a longer cooldown and shorter range, it won’t completely thwart any gank and will also make people think twice before burning it. Depending on how severe the range of flash is, I think it might actually be worth grabbing Ghost or Surge over it. Speaking of Surge, it should be a very interesting summoner spell and I’m excited to see if it will end up replacing flash. I don’t see it replacing Ignite, since those two combined will make for some pretty nasty burst damage, but I can definitely see Flash taking a backseat over it. 

All in all, I’m excited to see how these changes pan out. They didn’t completely break any champions as far as I can tell and if you refer to my two previous posts you’ll know that I’m quite excited for the new masteries and Fizz. :)


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New masteries

Well, I figured the first post I make on here should be about the new masteries. Personally, I’m stoked for them. Before, there were few champions (carries in particular) who steered away from the typical 21/0/9 or 9/0/21 build. They were boring and quite stale. There were no masteries that I ever felt compelled or excited to take.

I’m very inclined to say this will be the best change that has ever been made to the game. It will give people much more power to players early game which will promote much more competitive play. People will actually have to think about what they want to take. There will actually be variety to how people start the game (for instance, you may start seeing some carries with Doran’s and one health pot because of the new utility mastery that gives you more starting gold).

Of course, it’s impossible to really know how awesome these new masteries will be, but I’m confident that they will bring a much needed change to masteries in this game and am personally very excited to see how they pan out.